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Exenatide QW Nationwide Audit

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Exenatide (Exendin-4) is the synthetic version of a salivary protein found in the Gila monster (shown above). It has approximately 50% identity with human GLP-1, it binds to known human GLP-1 receptors on beta cells in vitro, and is resistant to DPP-IV inactivation


Above: Gradual dissolution of the microspheres provides a steady release of exenatide  click to enlarge


Above: At 30 weeks exenatide QW significantly improved HbA1c reductions compared to twice daily exenatide - click to enlarge


Above: The most common adverse events with exenatide QW were nausea, diarrhoea, injection-site pruritus, and vomiting. Nausea and vomiting occurred less frequently with exenatide QW compared to the twice daily preparation - click to enlarge


Above: Compared to the weight gain associated with use of insulin glargine, exenatide QW was associated with weight loss. But to what extent will this be reflected in real clinical use? - click to enlarge

ABCD nationwide exenatide QW audit on N3

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ADA New Orleans, 2016 RM. Gifford, J. Joharatnam, K. Darzy, A. Helmy, E. Mckeever, U. Brennon, R. Harper, K. Sands, D. Barnes, REJ Ryder, KA Adamson and the ABCD Nationwide Exenatide QW audit contributors. Change in HbA1c, weight and blood pressure in the Association of British Clinical Diabetologists Nationwide Exenatide Once Weekly(QW) audit. Poster presentation : 1136-P


ADA June 2016, Exenatide QW

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The ABCD nationwide exanatide QW audit is an independent audit supported by an unrestricted grant from Astra Zeneca

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