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National Diabetes Consultant Mentorship Programme (NDCMP)

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The National Diabetes Consultant Mentorship Programme (NDCMP) is a UK-wide initiative providing mentorship for newly-appointed consultants in the speciality of diabetes and endocrinology. The purpose of the NDCMP is to identify, nurture and support the development of a cadre of consultants in diabetes and endocrinology for future consultant level leadership roles within the speciality.

Overview of Mentorship Mentorship – An Overview. Mentorship Defined. Benefits of Mentorship. Confidentiality. Contact Time. Responsibilities of the Mentee. Preparing for mentoring sessions.
Invitation to Mentees Taking up a new consultant post in diabetes and endocrinology is exciting but challenging.....
Comments from Mentees What prospective Mentees said when asked “Give reasons why you want to be a Mentee in this programme”
Current and Previous NDCMP Mentees Those who have given permission for on-line publication NDCMP CV here
Call for Mentors Crucial to NDCMP are our expert Mentors. They are drawn from amongst established colleagues with a minimum of 5 years in substantive posts.....
Quality and Skills of a Mentor Typical qualities, skills and attributes of a mentor.
Comments from Mentors to Mentees What Mentors have said in their statements as comment to prospective Mentees.
Current NDCMP Mentors and their availability A comprehensive list
Current NDCMP Mentors - CV's Those who have given permission for on-line publication of their NDCMP CV here
Previous NDCMP Mentors - CV's Previous NDCMP Mentors who have given permission for on-line publication of their NDCMP CV here
Steering committee The Committee will report to the Central Committee of ABCD. It will meet on a twice yearly basis. It will comprise .....
NDCMP Full Outline 2013 It is recommended that the Association of British Clinical Diabetologists (ABCD) adopts the joint ABCD/Eli Lilly and Company, National Diabetes Consultant Mentorship Programme (NDCMP) ......
NDCMP Update for ABCD 2013 An update from the Committee of the Programme (Spring 2013)
Materials and Resources  
Mentorship Relationship Guide Guidelines on Mentorship Relationship
A framework for NDCMP Mentoring Meetings Initial conversation. Ongoing conversations.
NDCMP Orientation and Calibration Workshops The aim of the NDCMP Orientation Workshops is to introduce prospective mentees and mentors to the aims and objectives of the Programme ......
NDCMP - The intangible part of being a Consultant Teaching. Learning. Doing. Performance. Experience. Expertise. Wisdom
The Funders of NDCMP Supported by a grant from Eli Lilly & Co Ltd who have been very supportive - see link
Future Events  
Future The Programme of meetings with dates Timetable of meeting dates - 2017
ABCD NDCMP Mentor orientation workshop Wednesday 28 June 2017, venue tba. Contact for further information.
ABCD NDCMP Mentee orientation workshop Thursday 29 June 2017, venue tba. Contact for further information.
ABCD Consultant Development Programme The ABCD CDP is a 1 week residential course specific to the development of leadership skills for Diabetologists / Endocrinologists. It is intended for senior trainees and newly appointed consultants. It will run Monday 27 November to Friday 1 December 2017.
Notes and Minutes of Meetings  
2015 February NDCMP Advisory Board Notes Notes and Minutes - 2015
For further information please contact or

Working to support high quality diabetes care in the UK