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Association of British Clinical Diabetologists

Research - Urinary C-Peptide and Liraglutide Study

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ABCD multi-centre urinary C-peptide and liraglutide study  
Professor Andrew Hattersley's lecture on the use of urinary C-peptide at the ABCD spring meeting in 2011

Poster - ABCD autumn meeting 2013

Final published paper 2014 (abstract)

Final published paper 2014 (Full paper - ABCD members only)

ABCD multi-centre urinary C-peptide study aimed to relate initial beta-cell function to response to liragutide. It was led by previous ABCD research fellow, Dr Ken Thong. Some of the most active centres in the nationwide liraglutide audit joined in the project. The study showed that postprandial urinary C-peptide creatinine ratio (UCPCR ) was associated with the subsequent glycaemic response to liraglutide treatment, but a clear cut-off UCPCR level that would help predict a favourable glycaemic response was not identified.The results was presented on a poster at the ABCD Autumn meeting, 2013 and the full results will be published in Diabetic Medicine in 2014.

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