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Association of British Clinical Diabetologists

Diabetes Care Trust (ABCD)

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More information about Diabetes Care Trust (ABCD) Ltd
How to donate or bequest to the Diabetes Care Trust (ABCD) Ltd
Charity number 1139057 - Diabetes Care Trust (ABCD) Ltd


  • To improve the health of people with diabetes and help them to avoid the complications of the condition
  • To support clinical research and audit in order to improve the understanding and treatment of diabetes
  • To advance the education and training of medical professionals and other clinical staff involved in diabetes care in the UK
  • To increase the knowledge and understanding of diabetes amongst the general public

Some things you should know about diabetes

Diabetes is a common, unobtrusive but deadly disease. It is one of the main causes of:
  • premature death
  • heart disease and stroke
  • blindness
  • kidney failure
  • foot and leg amputations

In 2009-10, there were an estimated 3.1 million people aged 16 years and older with diabetes in England, of which 2.34 million were diagnosed and 760,000 were undiagnosed. The number is increasing at an alarming rate (predicted to double world wide by 2025). This will pose an enormous challenge to society over the coming decades, in terms of costs to health services and the personal burden of disability and suffering. Quite possibly, you may have a relative or friend with diabetes so you will have some acquaintance with this potentially very serious disease.

Intensive research into the causes and treatment of diabetes continues but a cure is probably still many years away. In the meantime it is very important that everything possible be done to improve the day to day healthcare and support for people with diabetes. This includes helping them acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to accurately control the condition because this will delay or prevent the development of many of the serious complications of the disease.

How can you help to improve the lives of people with diabetes?

By making a donation or bequest to the Diabetes Care Trust (ABCD) Ltd

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Click here to find out how to donate or bequest to the Diabetes Care Trust (ABCD) Ltd


Working to support high quality diabetes care in the UK