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Endobarrier UK registry

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Above: Endobarrier in overweight patients with diabetes leads to considerable weight loss and improvement in glycaemic control. Click the above slide to see the presentation it was taken from. Click here to see the endobarrier publications

Endobarrier UK registry

Endobarrier is a 60cm tube-like liner made from a thin, flexible and durable impermeable polymer. It is inserted by an endoscopy and prevents food that passes through it from contacting the first two feet of small bowel intestine. In clinical trials it leads to weight loss and improved glycaemic control and may become a useful treatment option in the future.

ABCD is currently funding the REVISE-Diabesity endobarrier study. This study is supported by the NHS, as one of the National Institute for Health Research’ (NIHR) Clinical (Diabetes) Research Network Portfolio Studies.

At present there are very few UK centres offering treatment with endobarrier. As an enhancement to information gathered in clinical trials such as the REVISE-Diabesity study, it would be useful to have a UK registry capturing routine clinical data on safety and efficacy of the new treatment.

The optimum place to gather such information in the UK is on N3, N3 being the NHS network, the most optimally secure environment for holding patient data. Since ABCD now has a presence on N3 it seems appropriate for ABCD to host the UK endobarrier registry on N3.

ABCD is currently pursuing this possible development.

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