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ABCD Endobarrier Studies - REVISE-Diabesity

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Randomisation to Endobarrier alone Versus with Incretin analogue in SustainEd Diabesity



Many patients globally have combined obesity and diabetes, or ‘diabesity’, including in the UK. New, effective therapies are urgently needed. A newer group of injectable non-insulin drugs, the ‘GLP-1 receptor agonists’ can improve diabetes control with weight loss but many patients fail to achieve treatment targets; bariatric weight loss surgery is not a universal solution as it is not without complications and not widely available. Furthermore, the benefits of intense caloric restriction are difficult to sustain. Hence the need for new treatments to combat this problem of diabesity, which is rising at an alarming rate. The endobarrier is one such treatment which seems to be effective in clinical trials. The REVISE-Diabesity trial aims to test its effectiveness in an NHS setting.

What is the REVISE-Diabesity study?

REVISE-Diabesity is a multicentre clinical trial, initiated and funded by ABCD, that seeks to answer the following questions:

  • How effective is endobarrier for patients with diabesity, already treated with liraglutide, but with suboptimal control?

  • Does continuing a GLP-1 receptor agonist increase the effectiveness of endobarrier over a two year period, compared to stopping it

  • How does endobarrier exert its effect?

What are the 3 treatment groups?


There are 4 UK sites involved with several participant identification centres also:

Study leads

  • Dr Bob Ryder – Chief Investigator whole study & Principal Investigator City Hospital, Birmingham site

  • Prof Stephanie Amiel – Principal Investigator Kings College Hospital, London site

  • Dr Barbara McGowan – Principal Investigator Guy's and St Thomas', London site

  • Dr Russell Drummond – Principal Investigator Glasgow Royal Infirmary site

  • Dr Piya Sen Gupta - ABCD research fellow

Participant Identification Centre Sites:

  • Barts Health (St Bartholomew’s, Royal London, Whipps Cross Hospitals)

  • Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Welwyn Garden City

  • Trafford Hospital, Manchester

  • New Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton

  • Forth Royal Valley Hospitals

  • St John’s Livingston

  • Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Trust

  • NHS Lothian

  • Warwick Hospital

  • Conquest Hospital, Hastings

  • & Others


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