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Reductions in hypoglycaemia with Dexcom rtCGM vs control in individuals with impaired awareness in the HypoDE study. Will these findings translate into the real world. The audit should provide this information.


Reductions in HbA1c with Dexcom rtCGM in the GOLD study. Will HbA1c and time-in-range changes be similar in UK real-world practice? The audit intended to explore this.

Reductions in HbA1c with Dexcom rtCGM in the Diamond study. Will HbA1c and time-in-range changes be similar in UK real-world practice? The audit intended to explore this.

ABCD nationwide Dexcom audit

ABCD nationwide Dexcom audit
Following the success of our existing audits in diabetes technology, in particular the FreeStyle Libre audit, the Omnipod and DIY-APS audits and the audit of the NHS England closed loop pilot, this audit of Dexcom CGM users is planned to launch to coincide with the increasing access to rtCGM in individuals with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.
Please note for individuals using Dexcom CGM as part of a closed-loop system please submit their data via the ABCD Closed-Loop audit which you can be register for at: 
Application to join ABCD Closed-Loop Audit and gain access to the audit tool | The Association of British Clinical Diabetologists
This audit page is for people using Dexcom CGM as a standalone outside of a closed-loop context.

What do we know already?
Three Dexcom CGM devices are available in the UK:
Dexcom ONE
Dexcom G6 (HCL compatible)
Dexcom G7
Further information can be found at

About the ABCD DTN-UK Dexcom audit
A secure online tool is currently being built to for the collection of data in this audit.  In the meantime, Centres with Dexcom ONE, G6 or G7 sensor users can collect data using the baseline and follow up forms in paper format (see links on the right) ready to enter in bulk into the online tool once it becomes available. We would encourage centres to collect data prospectively using these forms. You will be informed as soon as the online tool is available which should be in late 2023. The baseline and follow-up forms can also be used for retrospective data collection of those already using Dexcom sensor and that data can also be added to the on-line tool.

We hope that by the end of 2023, the on-line tool will be available for general use. The online audit tool will be held on the Health and Social Care Network (HSCN - formerly called N3) the internal NHS IT system. All data is anonymous, encrypted and GDPR compliant. As this audit is on HSCN, it can only be accessed from an NHS computer system. The tool will facilitate both local analysis and nationwide data analysis.

Structure of the audit centres and sites
For this audit the concept of centres and sites is utilised in the same way as in the other ABCD audits. Typically, a centre might be an NHS Trust. Sites might be hospitals associated with that Trust. Designated centre leads can download their local anonymised data for analysis.

Collect data on-line or via paper forms
The on-line audit tool is intended to be easy to use such that live data entry in clinic is a real option to be considered. Alternatively, if preferred, to facilitate data collection during clinics there are paper forms which exactly match the data that can be entered into the audit tool. The baseline registration form should be completed alongside a follow-up form if being completed retrospectively. You can download and print these forms locally via the link (see links on the left to download the forms).

Caldicott Guardian approval
The ABCD nationwide audit programme has Caldicott Guardian approval. The programme is audit not research. The NHS encourages audit of clinical practice and there are strict guidelines which we follow, in particular that we only to collect data from routine clinical practice, and analysis is of data which is anonymised.

Further information
The Further enquiries may be made to the ABCD nationwide audits database administrator of the project, Melissa Cull.

Clinical Audit leads
Dr Emma Wilmot, Derby
Dr Bob Ryder, Birmingham
Dr Tom Crabtree, Derby
Dr Alex Liarakos, Derby
Dr Alistair Lumb, DTN-UK Chair, Oxford
Professor Pratik Choudhary, Leicester


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The ABCD Dexcom Nationwide audit is an independent audit supported by an unrestricted grant from Dexcom

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