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Association of British Clinical Diabetologists

ABCD Nationwide Liraglutide Audit

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About the ABCD nationwide liraglutide audit

This audit was established in the wake of the success of the original ABCD nationwide exenatide audit. Learning from the exenatide audit a considerably improved tool for the audit was created and the audit was launched in the Autumn of 2009. The audit has a number of objectives. Click here for the latest list of papers, abstracts, presentations, posters and webcasts emanating from the audit.

Current state of the audit

After 9 years of data collection, the audit will stop collecting new data during 2018. Nevertheless further analyses, presentation and publication of the considerable body of available data will continue and the information will be made available, as it becomes available, and can be viewed by clicking here.

Further enquiries may be made to the ABCD nationwide audits database administrator, Melissa Cull

The ABCD prospective nationwide liraglutide audit is an independent audit supported by an unrestricted grant from Novo Nordisk Ltd


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