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Association of British Clinical Diabetologists

ABCD Type 1 Diabetes Campaign 2012-2013

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The ABCD type 1 campaign was launched at a press conference on the evening of November 8, 2012. This high profile campaign for 2012-2013 is to highlight the differences between the types of diabetes and the fact that patients with type 1 have special needs which are easily overlooked because type 2 diabetes is so much commoner. In particular the campaign will suggest that people with type 1 diabetes deserve unhindered access to specialist care, when they need it, throughout their lives.

Leading Article  
Leading article in Practical Diabetes Leading article by ABCD General Secretary, Dr Patrick Sharp and ABCD Chairman, Dr Chris Walton. Type 1 diabetes: not lost but possibly misplaced. Practical Diabetes 2012; 29: 1 - 2.
Campaign Poster  
Front of the poster- "The Lost Tribe - see top of the image Adult Type 1 Diabetes: A Class Apart: This is the front of the two-sided campaign poster. It calls for dedicated and specific commissioning for adult type 1 diabetes - a uniquely vulnerable group, lost in the diabetes epidemic
Back of the poster  - "The Lost Tribe" see bottom of the image These facts and figures are for the back of the two-sided poster. Approximately 250,000 people in the UK have Type 1 diabetes. The mortality rate for Type 1 diabetes is 2.6 times higher than the general population. 3.9% of all people with type 1 diabetes in England require emergency hospital admission in a year due to insulin deficiency. The Cost: Type 1 diabetes costs the NHS £1.9 billion per year, half of which is spent on treatment of complications.
Launch of Campaign  
Press release The press release issued on November 9, 2012
Quotes From Other Diabetes Organisations At the campaign launch meeting on November 8, 2012, members of ABCD and patients with Type 1 diabetes made presentations.  There were also presentations from representatives from several other diabetes organisations. This document contains quotes by representatives of NHS Diabetes, Diabetes UK, DAFNE, and Primary Care Diabetes Society, as well as the closing remarks made by ABCD Chairman, Chris Walton.
Support and funding of Campaign  
Campaign support and funding The details of the funding are given in this link.

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