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Exenatide QW and Dapagliflozin Nationwide Audits

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Above: Compared to the weight gain associated with use of insulin glargine, exenatide QW was associated with weight loss. But to what extent will this be reflected in real clinical use? - click to enlarge

Above: Compared to the weight gain associated with sulphonylurea use, the weight loss associated with dapagliflozin is an attractive feature of the medication in the clinical trials. But is this also what will be found in real clinical use - click to enlarge


Register at the same time for both the ABCD exenatide QW and dapagliflozin nationwide audits on N3

Why register for both audits at the same time?
The tools used for both the exenatide QW and dapagliflozin audits have been built in very similar ways on the same N3 platform and therefore users of one will find use of the other very easy. The easy to use sophisticated data analysis tools are identical so data analysis applied to the data with one of the medications will be easily applied to data of the other. The sites and centres structure of the two audits (see below) is the same so once a centre has registered in a particular way for one the same way will apply for the other. The systems of data finding, and entering by a centre, and the personel involved having been found and developed for one audit might as well at the same time be applied to the other. By being involved in both audits, local centres will be easily able to analyse the data from both audits and compare and contrast the two types of medication used in real clinical practice in their department or area.

Structure of the audits centres and sites
For both audits the concept of centres and sites is developed more than previously in our audits. Typically a centre might be an NHS Trust. Sites might be hospitals associated with that Trust, and/or health centres or GP surgeries in the local vicinity. If set up in this structure, designated leaders of the local audit would be given access to download the anonymised data of all the patients associated with the centre for more powerful local analysis of data involving higher numbers. Findings so made through such local analysis could be put forward for further testing on the full national dataset.

Non ABCD members
Non ABCD members are welcome to take part in both audits.

Register simultaneously to take part in both the exenatide qw and dapagliflozin audits on N3 and access both the on-line tools
To register for both the exenatide QW and dapagliflozin audits and be given access to both the on-line tools on the ABCD website on N3 click here.

Further information
Further enquiries may be made to the ABCD nationwide audits database administrator of the project, Melissa Cull

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The ABCD nationwide exanatide QW and dapagliflozin audits are an independent audits supported by unrestricted grants from Astra Zeneca

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